Health Information Services (HIS)

Primera’s health information services comprise of comprehensive and optimized solutions to handle administrative details of health care providers including hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and physician offices.

Health Information Management (HIM)

Primera’s Health Information Management Services provide support in managing clinical data and medical records. Primera enables this comprehensive service via its robust integrated information and management system with secured levels of abstraction.

Medical Coding :

  • Includes Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency department, ambulatory surgery, ancillary, physician , cancer registry and abstraction.
  • Involves Reviewing medical documentation and assigning appropriate ICD-10-CM , ICD-10-PCS or CPT , HCPCS codes in order for billing to occur.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Revenue Cycle management is a key component in maintaining the financial stability of a healthcare service provider. The revenue cycle encompasses the entire customer engagement and payment process from beginning to end. At Primera, the Revenue Cycle Management is systematically implemented at each step to optimize the charge capture , medical coding , claims submission and remittance posting .

Data Quality Services : Core Measures 

Data quality metrics and measures form part of a consistent and controlled approach to the development and use of information with internal controls in place. Quality data ensure effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare operations. Reliable and valid data is required to achieve of strategic goals and to effectively mitigate risk. The department is vital to make evidence based decisions, in prioritizing corrective action, quality and performance analysis and providing clarity for decision making.

Electronic Medical Record Implementation and Support Services

The implementation of the electronic medical record (EMR) is a process that involves knowledge and skills of clinical medicine, technology and group dynamics. Electronic medical record (EMR) systems support clinical work by providing the right information at the right time to the right people and thus make efficient use of resources. Electronic medical record (EMR)-based clinical decision support systems (CPOE) are considered a solution to improve quality of care.

Responsibilities and Impact:

• Being Part of SDLC of Electronic Medical Record Implementation
• Opportunity to get hands on experience in different clinical and non clinical modules.
• Clinical and IT skills to Improve workflows in various settings
• Incorporate usability principles into design and implementation
• Develop EMR templates, documentation and work flow analysis
• Assistance and support to end users.

IT Infrastructure support :

Our comprehensive Information technology infrastructure support services are spread across multiple domains and integrals involved in a Healthcare Management Ecosystem.

Responsibilities and Impact:

Round the clock overseas and locally Managed Network Services (MNS) to support wired and wireless IT Infrastructure.
Building robust revenue management application and providing post go live support by EPIC certified professionals.
Data Maintenance and Business Management Tools Automation
Software development for secure and hassle free access to patient and healthcare service provider’s data.
Migration of diverse medical data from different facilities using powerful interface engine.

Document image processing :

Transforming image based data into readable text and flexible access to information using a central database system.
Enable availability of Electronic Medical records and updation in a real-time environment among different fields involved in a healthcare facility.

Advanced Healthcare Analytics

Developing complex queries to make operations simple that are involved in extracting relevant clinical data.
Usage of advanced healthcare analytics tools to represent a personalized and clear statistical information needed on a regular basis.