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Empowering Healthcare Facilities with Powerful Health IT Solutions

We deliver services that enable providers to ride the immense computing power of Healthcare IT systems to enhance clinical outcomes.

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Synergize Technology & Healthcare Services for Specific Clinical Contexts

Our services enable healthcare facilities to do more. We build robust healthcare applications and networks attuned to extract greater efficiency, collaboration and engagement in BAU operations.

Here’s How We Support Healthcare Providers

Equipping One of the Largest Hospital Chains in the US with Powerful and Cost-Effective Health IT Solutions and Services

Our solutions optimize care provider operations and improve their affinity to deliver high-value care outcomes.

About Primera

Let’s Synergize to Build Powerful Healthcare Solutions that Enhance the Value of Care

Primera Medical Technologies was conceptualized with a vision to advance the delivery of 'high-value' care outcomes by evaluating the challenges of physicians and doctors and resolving them with tactful software development. We go above and beyond our call of duty by also delivering outsourcing solutions to ease clinician burnout, revenue leakage and escalating claim denial rates.

More About Us

Traverse the Healthcare Space with Essential Services Across the Care Continuum

PrimEra IT Enterprise Applications

We build hospital applications that facilitate a real world transformation of individual processes into well connected and data-driven operations.

Advanced Automation Processes

Advanced healthcare solutions with cognitive and predictive features are the future of healthcare. We are ready for the future!

Mobile Applications Development

We use hybrid, native and cross platform mobile app development to empower care providers with specific functionalities which are attuned to clinical contexts.

Our healthcare solutions and services are designed to bridge gaps in population health management, patient experience and care quality. Ready to explore Value-Based Care?

By Being a Part of Our Mission, You Get to Build a Career Empowered by our Organizational Goals


  • Delivering High-Value Care Outcomes
  • Excellence in HIT Development
  • Exposure to Various Care Settings
  • Knowledge-Driven Thinking
  • Teamwork Centric Operations
  • End-to-End Awareness of Healthcare Regulations