Primera IT Enterprise Applications

Custom Design, Development and Implementation of Hospital Applications

Primera IT Enterprise Applications

PrimEra IT Enterprise Application Solutions assist various clinician teams with functions ranging from diagnosis to billing and utilization management. We build hospital applications that facilitate a real-world transformation of individual processes into well-connected and data-driven operations.

Billing Management

We develop powerful enterprise solutions that enables the tracking, logging and processing of billing reports. Our development team includes major features such as Work Allocation, Automated Email Alerts, and various types of reports.

Knowledge Management

Our HIT experts are familiar with the manual effort involved with e-learning applications that empower various clinician teams across care facilities. We strive to automate the workflows in such applications to create centralized access through web-based tools.

Mortality Review Application

The Application helps streamline the Mortality Review Process and ensures a smooth flow of data from one level to another. It also helps bring transparency to the process and avoids any communication gap among different stakeholders.

Data Management

Our services enable healthcare facilities to ensure a smooth flow of data from disparate HIT applications to eliminate interdepartmental data silos. We perform data engineering processes to enable transparency in processes and to eliminate communication gaps among stakeholders.

Authorization and Denial Management

From insurance authorization to patient eligibility verification and claims management, we build potent applications to streamline the effort required in managing these functions. Our efforts enable departments to reach out to the concerned care teams to eliminate gaps in care co-ordination

Prime Authorization System (PAS)

Prime Authorization System facilitates care providers to verify patient eligibility and coverage details. Its 'two-way' interactive mechanism enables the members of the utilization review department to reach out to the concerned care providers to request additional information.

Sepsis WAT

Powerful enterprise solution that enables user to track, log & process the requests along with generating bills & reports. Includes major features such as Work Allocation, Automated Email Alerts & various type of reports.


It automates the current manual process of learning the new courses transformed to learn the courses online on-demand. eLearning is a centralized web-based tool to learn different role-based courses electronically online.