Mobile Applications Development

Connect, Guide, and Collaborate with Your Patients through the Power of Mobile

Mobile Applications Development

Ultraportable, quick, versatile, and intuitive, that is how our mobile applications are.

Healthcare app development has helped some of the leading healthcare organizations to find a smooth path to provide advanced care and even get better outcomes. Our expertise with hybrid, native, and cross-platform mobile app development empowers care providers with specific functionalities aligned to specific clinical contexts.

Telehealth and RPM

With changing reimbursement models becoming a boon for care providers, the time to tap into Telehealth and RPM services is now. We equip healthcare providers with smooth telehealth and RPM mobile applications.

EHR and Billing

Consulting and billing can be effortless when united with the power of mobile. We build intuitive EHR and billing apps that ease the friction of inpatient record documentation and billing.

Kryptos Text

We develop and deploy bespoke mobile applications that improve collaboration and communication between doctors and clinician teams. Kryptos text is one such application designed to increase clinicians' efficiency by enabling them to achieve brisk care decisions across Prime Healthcare facilities.

Prime Offsite

Access to critical communication is essential in a caring environment, and that is what Prime Offsite is built to do. It facilitates secure communication across all the critical care facilities of the Prime Healthcare network.