Advanced Automation Processes

Deploy Automation Solutions That Eliminate Process Redundancies and Inflated TATs

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

March into the new frontiers of healthcare with clinical ‘Intelligence’. Advanced healthcare solutions with cognitive and predictive features are the future of healthcare. We are ready for the future!

We unify a sublime blend of software engineering excellence and clinical workflows to develop advanced AI algorithms that make a real-world impact. Our expertise with AI enables Prime Healthcare hospitals to prepare for a healthcare ecosystem that is ‘aware’.

Predictive Modeling: Our team of AI wizards are aware of advanced data models that enable clinical applications to ‘learn’ on the go. We deliver measurable performance with our expertise in predictive modeling and prescriptive analytics.

Platform Training: Data scientists are crucial for the success of AI operations. We excel in data engineering that enables AI predictive models to excel.

Natural Language Processing

Leverage NLP solutions That Enhance Productivity and Quality

From voice recognition to smart patient mobile applications that leverage the voice of the patient effectively, our NLP expertise can make a difference.

We rely on NLP to make headway in clinical documentation, speech recognition, data mining, prior authorization, and more. Our expertise in NLP enables Prime Healthcare facilities to improve clinical diagnosis by effectively interpreting clinical documents.

Efficiency in Documentation: Traverse the possibilities in healthcare with our expertise in voice recognition. We deliver lightweight NLP solutions that make a profound impact on clinical documentation.

Clinical Decision Support: Our work with NLP in clinical decision support enables healthcare facilities to ramp up the accuracy of care decisions. Care facilities can rely on our NLP expertise to conceptualize HIT applications for better care delivery.

Virtual Private Assistants: From chatbots to software assistants, we have the capabilities to use NLP to reduce clinician burden. We build intelligent HIT applications with a real-world impact.

Machine Learning

Acclimatize your HIT systems to learn patient and provider preferences to uncover efficiency We help machine learning capabilities integrate into the clinical point of care devices

We transform clinical support and enable Prime Healthcare clinical teams to deliver optimal care with ML. By combining the right data with the right integrating methodology, we help advance clinical decision support.

Increase productivity: Helps to simplify, streamline, and automate key processes that support increased productivity and the overall quality of process outcomes.

Reduce operational costs: Our solutions combine deep industry knowledge of different business verticals, technological sophistication, and an appetite for calculated risks. These characteristics are paving the way for alternative (and better) pricing models.

Care Forecasting: We enable Prime Healthcare Providers to predict illnesses and treatments and forecast health risks to various populations. Our ML technology platform also Detects gaps in healthcare.